Simply put, receiving means to accept willingly.

If you are “over giving” you are likely “under receiving”.

This is what it could look like for you:

· Feeling unappreciated

· Resentful of others

· Physically drained

· Spiritually depleted

A common misconception associated with both societal conditioning and religious teachings, reflecting unbalance is;

“It is better to give than receive” (Acts 20:35)

You are taught giving feels good or altruistic, whereas receiving may feel selfish, disempowering or at the extreme, egotistical.

In truth, giving and receiving represent the same energy in flow, while appearing as opposite ends of a spectrum. The degree to which you are able to give freely is the measure in which you will receive. Infinite and endless energy returns as it is shared. Receiving and giving are like yin and yang. There must be balance.

To resist receiving is to resist giving.

Everything in the universe is energy; subatomic particles in motion.

This includes all thoughts and feelings, both positive and negative, and dictates the expansion or constriction held by your body. Empathic humans, who feel and experience the emotions of others, often have more difficulty receiving or maintaining their own life force energy. In other words they leak power, until they learn to become comfortable with all the feelings of others; depressed, suffering or lonely, and assure their own well being, first and foremost.

Those who are not able to receive are attracted to those unable to give.

Receiving isn’t easy. Giving seems to be hard wired into our brains. Yet, receiving is necessary in thriving relationships, physical vibrancy and spiritual connection.

The challenge to receiving lies in your ability to:

· Accept your worthiness

· Feel deserving

· Cultivate an attitude of gratitude

· Recognize abundance prevails

· Embrace humility

· Let go of the need for reciprocity

Let’s dive in a little deeper.

Can you accept your worthiness?

Understand that if you exist here on planet earth in physical form you are worthy, or you wouldn’t be here. Plain and simple. God doesn’t make junk! You’ve made mistakes, done things you’ve regretted, maybe wish you could start over-doesn’t matter. Being human means you are a work in progress. Believe it or not, all human being are doing the best they can. You are worthy of all good things.

How do you feel deserving?

Pay attention to guilt. This is one way your ego responds in situations where you don’t feel you deserve something. In the United States, high value is placed on work ethic and achievement. If you suddenly win the lottery, you may find the money quickly draining away, a result of a deep-seated belief that you don’t deserve it. In order to receive, it helps to identify and shed limiting beliefs such as “money must come from hard work and struggle.”

Why does gratitude help?

Gratitude is the “secret sauce” that brings more goodness to you. When you express gratitude through thankful words, keeping a gratitude journal, you raise your energetic vibration through appreciation. This practice keeps you aligned with Source energy, keeping you open to receiving.

Recognize abundance prevails!

Nature is abundant. Look at all the grains of sand, leaves on the trees, molecules of oxygen, sunlight, and clouds in the sky. Abundance is everywhere! Abundance is your birth rite simply because Source energy, God, is your supply. Abundance doesn’t come to you from other people, or from your job, or from a retirement fund. Abundance comes through those means, but from Source energy, which is limitless. When you receive you are not taking from someone else. There is plenty of supply for every human on the planet to live an abundant life.

Why embrace humility?

Humility allows you to be open to receiving intuitive and spiritual guidance. It is difficult to hear the “still small voice within” if you think we know everything! The universe works in mysterious ways. Be open to surprises. Allow yourself to relax and simply enjoy the present moment.

What about reciprocity?

You may feel saying yes to a gift or gesture means the need to give back quickly in kind, or committing to a variety of unspoken obligations. Receiving is about intimacy, and creates a connection with the giver. You may feel vulnerable, like you’re relinquishing control, but this allow a closeness to develop between the giver and receiver.

Simply stated, you cannot give if you’re unable to receive. Balance is seen in the person who is gracious, dignified, energized and magnetic.