Meet Your Coach

Barbara M Schultz, RN, MSN, NC-BC


I’m Barbara Schultz, transformational coach extraordinaire.

My mission is to be a guiding light for women seeking vibrant health and happiness on all levels. Compassionately caring for others, providing heart-centered service, has been richly rewarding.

A registered nurse and empath for decades, and a nurse-midwife since 1992, I’ve cared for countless patients with all types of illnesses, and welcomed many babies into the world. My most recent work in hospice completes the continuum of holding safe space with clients and families from birth to death, and all walks of life in between.
My clients often remark how safe and held they feel in my care, allowing a deep dive into healing on all levels. Utilizing sharpened intuition and all the senses to uncover the root of dis-ease, allows for permanent healing.

Learn to confidently connect with Your own inner guidance, embracing ease and flow, to reducing stress, overwhelm and anxiety to create a life you LOVE!

I am here to guide YOU through those rocky waters, to your own inner knowing, peace and solace. May your path be clear, your journey exhilarating and your heart filled with JOY!


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